Answering Islam

Jay Smith has been evangelizing among Muslim community for longer than many of us have been Christians. In the latest Romans Road podcast, Jay covers the main areas you will deal with when dialoguing with a Muslim about spiritual things. According to Islam:

·      Allah does not enter time and space.

·      Allan is not Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

·      Allah never dies on the cross.

·      Allah does not have a son.

These are the issues religious Muslims care about, and obviously they can cause much confusion in the mind of a Muslim when looking at the God of the Bible. Thankfully, these issues are not difficult to deal with if you are familiar with your bible and a few things from the Quran. So, whether you’re a Muslim or a Christian, check out this super-clarifying episode of Romans Road with Jay Smith.

Evangelism Orientation

I like to take Christians evangelizing. Wether it’s someone from my church or a like-minded Christian from another church, guiding people as they take the gospel into the world is one of my favorite things to do. Talking to strangers about Jesus can be nerve racking if you’ve never done it before, so I do what I can to help. As we drive to our outreach location, I usually give an orientation to help the rookie evangelist have a meaningful experience. We are going into a spiritual battle, and I want them to be prepared. I recently recorded an episode of Romans Road, featuring my evangelism orientation. This is what I say to first-timers. If you take people evangelizing, have this listen to this before you go (if you like what I have to say), and hopefully it will help things go smooth.

Sye Ten Bruggencate

Sye Ten B 9.7.19-small.jpg

Sye Ten Bruggencate is an internationally known apologist, but to my boys he’s just the guy we saw the Lego movie with. Sye is a good friend and when he’s in California I try to spend time with him, and exploit him for all he’s worth. In this episode of Romans Road, Sye gets personal and shares his apprehensions about evangelism. Does that surprise you? Some of the boldest street apologists have reservations when it comes to doing what they do best. Sye shares his struggle with evangelism and how the Lord has helped him go beyond his comfort zone. You’ll be challenged and encouraged to live for Christ, so come along as we take a trip on the Romans Road.

Sye Ten Bruggencate on Romans Road

Never Forget Christ

“Never Forget” is a term associated with September 11th. The tragedy of the World Trade Center attack changed America and the world in many ways. For Angela Braxton, it changed her destiny. I had the pleasure of producing / directing a video on Angela. It was a simple task, taking her to the attack site and interviewing her. Simple for me, but I wasn’t the one returning to the scene of the worst crime ever committed against me. This was Angela’s first time back to the site, and she did amazing. This is her story.