Understanding Islam


Jay Smith has been open air preaching to Muslims for many years. He is friends with radical Muslims in the same way Ray Comfort is friends with many atheists. Jay has been beaten up for preaching, he even has a scar on his neck from the time someone stabbed him in the throat. I recently spent time with Jay and was able to interview him for Romans Road. He is the most knowledgeable Christian I know on the subject of Islam. In contrast to some of the “hate preachers” I’ve seen, Jay has a contagious compassion for Muslim people. He has literally devoted his life to reaching Muslims.

There are many reasons Islam remains so mysterious to Americans. It’s not just a religion, it’s a way of life totally foreign to “Murica, so it can be hard for us to wrap our minds around Islam and stick it in a category we understand. Americans like things quick and simple, but Islam is big and complex. In this episode of Romans Road, Jay gives a great overview of the mindset of many in the Muslim world, and answers the questions, “Is Islam a religion of peace or war? Do Muslims secretly want to kill us? Is fear towards Muslims warranted?” The answers are complicated, but if you care at all about your fellow man and Muslim neighbor, please take the time to listen to this fascinating interview with Jay Smith.